I liked this letter to the editor in a recent Information Technology magazine

A Loss of Prosperity

In macroeconomic terms, foreign outsourcing is nothing more than profiteering on the spread between the wages and benefits paid to U.S. workers and the wages of the most desperate and vulnerable people on earth who can be herded into office buildings in Third World economies.

In political terms, foreign outsourcing is the most blatant attack on workers' rights and the most severe threat to the existence of the middle class and the Social Security system in U.S. history.

In sociological terms, foreign outsourcing will result in a dramatic polarization of U.S. society, divided between the massive numbers who will see their livelihoods ruined by outsourcing and the wealthy few who will profit immensely from it.

Great men of the past built a society that is the envy of the world by inventing ways to increase the level of prosperity enjoyed by all. Now a cadre of intellectual and moral midgets has discovered how to profit by strip-mining that hard won prosperity.

Pardon me and a few others if we don't celebrate their little discovery or if we regard these business experts as cynical, shortsighted, self-serving fools.

John S. Powers
Software Engineer, General Dynamics Corp., Fairfax, Va.