Thumbnail Repository Program Documentation


This program was designed to search all of my digital image paths and create shortcuts in the specified target directory. If you organize your digital images in folders this will provide you with a browseable thumbnail index into these folders of images. Included in the design is:

  1. A method to modify the registry key that controls the thumbnail size: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer, ThumbnailSize

  2. The ability to run as a scheduled task so rebuilding your index can be done automatically.


The contains:


None required, just run executable. Note that an ini file will be created in the same directory as the executable.


Delete the executable and the ini file. Optionally remove the ThumbnailSize registry entry mentioned above.


  1.  If a shortcut already exists in the target directory and the Ignore Checkbox is not checked a new shortcut with the same name plus "{n}" is created where n is the next sequential number. If the Ignore Checkbox is checked the shortcut name will be suffixed with ~+~ to indicate the file exists in other location(s) also.

  2. Each time this is run all .lnk files are deleted from the target.

  3. This process may be run as a scheduled task if the "q" (quiet) parameter is supplied on the command line. The shortcuts will be rebuilt in the target directory. You should establish the source and target directories before a quiet run is used.

  4. This program was designed for and tested with the XP SP1, 2 & 3 operating system although It should be fine with Windows 2000.

  5. If you have PaintShop Pro Installed you should be able to see a thumbnail view of the shortcut .lnk's created. I do not know what release of PSP implemented this however. There appear to be a few file types not supported by the thumbnail view.

  6. The tiny button between Cancel and Process is used to access the ini file. You may manually add additional file types to create shortcuts if you wish, however remember GFB (your gun, your foot, your bullet).

Condoman - March 9, 2005